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This is a list of reasons our customers give for why they do business with us.  We buy from Officewise ®  because”: We can depend on them for all types of products that we use in our business Our sales rep makes sure we know how to use what we buy. Our sales rep is professional and polite.  They listen to us. Our sales rep is considerate of our time – they take care of business while they are here and they are always on time when we have an appointment. Our sales rep returns our calls and e-mails promptly. Our sales rep asks questions to better understand our business. Our sales rep makes a point of knowing several people within our company.  Because they do this I don’t have to justify why we buy from them. The people that answer the phone are very patient and helpful. They have very competitive prices. Their delivery people leave our orders where we want them. They don’t just leave our order inside the door for us to move. They move copy paper for us when we ask. They are polite, respectful and careful when they deliver furniture to us. They deliver almost everything the next day.  When they don’t they let us know when it will be coming. We also know someone in their accounting department and operations.  We know who is responsible for every contact area we have with Officewise ® . When they make a mistake they fix it. We trust them and they take the risk out of buying the products we need. We  know one of the owners so we feel comfortable that if anything goes wrong he is our safety net. Officewise ®  goes out of their way to make us feel like they appreciate our business – we do not feel taken for granted. They support local charities and organizations – they are a genuine local business. By using Officewise ®  for most of our needs we have saved money by not having to buy from so many different companies.  They can supply almost everything we ever need. All of this makes my job easier and the people I work with’s job easier.
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